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Phiroj Shyangden coming up solo
24 September 2007-Monday
-Preity Acharya

The guitarist of the famous rock band “1974 A.D”, Phiroj Shyangden is soon coming up with his solo project. His first solo album will be released under his name “Phiroj Shyangden”. Music artists are hunting for a proper album title these days. So on this regard; the singer uses his name so that it is dissimilar to any other. That’s a good idea indeed!

After his decade long experience in the music field and in the band 1974 A.D, Phiroj has finally decided to come with a solo. His fans want to know why he’s coming out with a solo when he’s in such a prominent band…
“When we’re working for a band, we will have to consider various things. There is input from every band members and we agree or disagree upon various elements in music. But when you’re doing music just for yourself, you’ll have flexibility. You can do anything that you want, solely your inputs. If you want a certain music or beat or instrument, you can do that but when you’re in the band that’s not possible. That’s solely your music, your creation, your inputs, so I wanted to do something on my own. Say… my kind of music!” Phiroj says.

The album contains 10 songs each with a different musical pattern. Some of them are focused to Tamang selo, some with a bit of country rock, rock, some slightly bossanova style and some are typical Nepali songs fused with some western musical arrangements.

“Basically the listeners will get a variety of music in this album. I’ve used sophisticated music instruments, good guitars, drums and good gadgets. Some of the songs are typical Nepali songs which I have used with modifications in its arrangement. One of the songs is a father- daughter duet and that’s sung by my own daughter” shares Phiroj

The listeners have just heard him perform for the band and now this time around things might be different with a solo, on this regard, Phiroj says, “Yes, definitely it is different. In the band we use percussions and various musical instrument, but in this album I’ve strictly followed the guitar and drums so, in terms both music and composition, it’s different”.

Mostly all the songs in the album are written composed and arranged by Phiroj himself. Bhupal Rai, Nityen Ale has also contributed to some songs in the album and Phiroj also thanks Manoj (1974 A.D) for helping him with the guitar soloing in some songs.

The music video shooting of “Daanda Paari Ko Uni” is finished and the album is on its cover design phase; all set to hit the market stands. The music album will be out in the banner of Taal Music.

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