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Miss Nepal 2008 Contestants Profile - Nisha Adhikari
24 August 2008-Sunday


Contestant Number: 9

Name: Nisha Adhikari

Age: 21 

Height: 5’4”

Education: A Level    

Institution: Kathmandu Valley School (Campion)

Profession: Media Personality (Since 3 years) 

Hobbies: Watching TV & movies, reading novels, hanging out with friends, surfing cybersansar (hehe)

Ambition in life: Right now to become “Miss Nepal 2008”.

What has been the best part of your training session until now?
Every bit of it. We are 18 together and whatever we do is so much fun!

Which former Miss Nepal inspires you a lot? How, why?
After meeting several Miss Nepal, everyone is an inspiration to me. If I had to choose, it would be Malvika Subba and Shweta Singh. Shweta Singh for her honesty and realistic picture of life. Malvika Subba was the one who was a true inspiration to me since she was crowned. Not just as a Miss Nepal but most importantly as a good human being, she has fulfilled all the responsibilities bestowed upon her. Her sincerity, determination, strength make me think that every Nepali woman should strive for those qualities.

What makes you think that you deserve to be crowned Miss Nepal 2008?
Being Miss International 2005 I already had a chance to represent Nepal in an International arena. I have learnt a lot of things and know that I can do it better this time. To hold a crown one needs a lot of strength, patience, wit, sincerity, honesty and one needs to be a good human being. I am confident that I can fulfill all the responsibilities with utmost sincerity.

If not you, then who according to you, among this year's top 20 finalists deserves the title crown? And why?
Well, sadly we just have 18 contestants now. I wished there were 18 crowns as each one of us have been through a lot. I’m not being diplomatic I seriously think everyone of us deserves it equally. Let’s see whose luck would favor the most in the grand finale!

May be you also want to name who doesn't deserve the title at all? Why again!
Again! I think there is no-one who wouldn’t deserve it!!! It’s just that there are 3 winners, but everyone of us have already gained so much out of the training provided to us. So, let the judges and public decide it!

Besides the input from the training session that you have been getting, how have you been personally preparing yourself for the big day?
There is a lot of pressure going on so one has to prepare mentally to be strong and confident. I am updating myself as much as I can with current affairs and yes dieting is there as well!

So, let's say that you get declared as Miss Nepal 2008. What is the first thing you would do as a Miss Nepal?
Thank god, its party time guys! What do you expect??? After working hard for more than a month I would unwind myself. Then plan for a whole year of my reign. The word is being “action oriented”.

What aspect of Nepal would you opt for to rightly represent our country in the international arena?
Strength of Nepalese women. People talk about so many issues all over the world. Fuel crisis, gender inequality, impunity, abuse be it verbal or sexual. But we are the issues. /We can potray our strength in what ver we do, be it advocating for an issue or talk about the strengths of our country and promote it in an international arena. Nepal has gone through a lot but people are still optimistic and trying to recover and move ahead. Positive attitude is what we need and possess.

Until now, under your own individual evaluation, what chances do you think you have to bag the title crown? You can indicate the answer in percentage if you want to.
Hummm percentage? I’m really bad in maths! Haha. Serously, I have no idea. "Karma garnu fal ko aash nagarnu" is what my mom says. Let's strive to follow now.

Any piece of advice for your fellow contestants?
Give your 100% Gals! Love you all! Good Luck.

What would you like to say to all those reading your profile right now?
Whoever becomes Miss Nepal, please support her. Especially the youths of Nepal, let us all be action oriented, there is so much to do. May god bless you all. Oh ya and don’t forget to vote for the one you like the most amongst us. Type DVMC space contestant no and send it to 77777. Mine is 09. LOL! Bye!

They're all equally talented, beautiful, intelligent and dubbed highly competitive and so far the best Miss Nepal batch ever, we present to you contestants' profile of this year Miss Nepal 2008. Check them out!


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