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Speeding for Success
27 March 2009-Friday

-Latshering Glan

Any of available Nepali dictionaries translate the word ‘Prabeg’ into ‘Speed’, which is very essential thing in today’s age. The proverb ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ does not work in every circle of life. After all, we are neither a tortoise nor a hare of the most popular fable. But sometimes, if we try to finish a work in helter-skelter manner then it may take a turn to failure. Mahesh Gurung was in a hurry to complete his records, before taking it to the market, he dropped his recorded songs in stagnant water and had to go for recording again as it was useless. The hurry took a slow turn where he started to rework with better patience and finally brought up the album. 

Mahesh recollected the reminiscence of his 2052 band ‘Horizon’ that used to perform their originals and cover ups in different venues but realized that the was taking place so slowly that even after 10 years, it has no identity. During the time, a tragedy love letter published in a newspaper inspired him to compose a song. His mother liked the song very much, and that made him to rejoin the music industry. But now he wants to do everything in speed; so, he named his album ‘’Prabeg’. May be his professional job as a ‘Sales and Marketing Executive’ in Aramex taught him lesson to be quick like courier service.

It is good to run with a speed and Aldous Huxley once said,’ Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure’.

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