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Modern Prayer by Bharat Sitaula
23 April 2009-Thursday

-Latshering Glan

‘Paap bhanda para bhagu
Harpal timro naam japu
Timrai mahima gayi rahu
Hare Rama hare Rama
Hare Krishna hare Krishna'

Musicians at times amaze us by trying out new things; that makes so impact on us that we can't stop liking them and start humming to their tunes. The stanza at the top might have given you a hint, well its not taken from a religious book but is the chorus part of Bharat Sitaula's latest song ‘Hare Rama hare Krishna’.  Religious verses, prayer lines and name of hindu gods have been very well used by many songs, songs like ‘Govinda' by Kula Shaker, ‘Dum maro dum from movie ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’, Jems Pradhan’s ‘Bhole Bam Bam’ or 'Hare Krishna Hare Ram' song from the movie Bhoolbhulaiya.  Bharat Sitaula has tried something similar for a song for his upcoming album. After two and half years of hibernation, Bharat Sitaula has completed his third album ‘Mahima’ with total 8 songs. Earlier the second sentence (from above stanza) was composed with the lyrics ‘Harpal Prabhu ko naam japu’ under a warm winter sun  that pierced the windows of his prayer room but later changed the verse thinking his song would be categorized as a complete ‘Bhajan’. Initially, the verse was meant to be a hymn but later the song focused on the commitment that a true lover bestows upon his/her beloved. After all its well said "Love is God".

After first album ‘Mod’, Bharat came up with the name for the second album ‘Ma ani timi’ without any hard effort; but this time he emptied all his vocabulary to find the name for the third album. After a long time, he ended his confusion between the names ‘Sunchadi’ and ‘Hare Rama hare Krishna’ for the album’s name and finally picked ‘Mahima’.

Now here's the best part for you. We are making a world premiere of the song 'Pardeshma' from his new album today, right here from our site. And we might soon be releaseing the 'Hare Krishna Hare Ram' too, keep on checking our pages.

Download Bharat Sitaula's Song "Pardeshma" 

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