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Miss Angel 2010 Contestant - Miss Dristi Katwal
1 July 2010-Thursday

Name: Miss Dristi Katwal

Contestant No: 03

Age: 17   


Weight: 46 kg
Hometown: Lokanthali, Nepal.

Education: Nursing student.

Hobbies/Interest: Dancing/singing/eating/ watching movies.

Ambition in life: To be a qualified nurse and serve people by being a beauty queen.

Life is: To forget tomorrow, think of today & plan for future.

Beauty is: Used to describe people, products & activities that are concerned with making women look beautiful.

According to you a good model should possess: A proper combination of beauty, charm, intelligence, personality & confidence.

On a date you would like to go out with
: Suraj Singh Thakuri because of his personality.

What attracts you to the opposite sex?
His personality, looks, attitude, but not much of rudeness, and having a loving nature.

What made you interested to participate in Miss Angel?
As the angel itself means having all the qualities & the one who can serve people which I think I can do. So, that is the reason why I was interested in it.

What is that one special quality that you possess which would help you to win the title?
I am innocent and there’s also one thing that is unique, stands me out from everyone- a mole on my face, more like a beauty spot.





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