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CyberSansar : Exclusive
Interview with Chandan Agrawal (Mr. Personality title holder of the International Manhunt)

-By Preity
(The article and photos may not be reproduced in any medium without the written permission of the publisher.)

He is the Mr. Personality title holder in the International Manhunt. Raised in Chitwan, Chandan is a pure vegetarian guy who worships his god daily. He says his favorite god is "Ganesha", might be funny ! but trust me he is a real spiritual person. During the interview, his cell phone rang and it was beyond belief to hear "om bhu bhuwaswa" ring tone. Common! We are so not used to with such things and that too from a young, national manhunt winner. A young achiever, Chandan shares his experiences of the International Manhunt with Let's take a closer look to Chandan's personality as well.

Here are some excerpts of the interview.

1. How was the experience participating in the International Manhunt?

I had a good experience. I'm glad to be a part of such a prestigious event. For 7 days, it was like living a prince life. 7 star hotels, the accommodation, working with International choreographers, training, rehearsals… I got to work with world's top fashion designers Andrekim and Philipines' top designer Ricky. It was really wonderful to be there representing my country.

2. You are able to bag the MR. Personality title. After you were there, have you thought you'd be able to bring such prestigious title home?

Honestly no! I was there with many dreams certainly. But after I went there, I happen to come close with the international models and all my dreams were like shattered. I was nervous obviously, but then I didn't lose hope. I tried my best to prepare myself and worked really hard.

3. On what basis did they chose you for the Mr. Personality title. Do they have any significant criteria for that?

For the title, everything counts. From discipline to punctuality, respect, etiquette, table manners, stage performance, hard work, intellect, education, behavior everything. 

4. How did you prepare yourself for the International Manhunt Pageant? What classes did you take?

I took grooming classes from Mr. Rojin Shakya, Fitness at Bhanu's Fitness and Table manners at Yak & Yeti hotel. My national costume was prepared by Namuna Boutique by Alpasa Raj Bhandari. Things like that…. I also personally prepared myself mentally and physically both.



5. How were you selected for the Manhunt International? We didn't hear about the National competition.

Actually, there were no such programs held. The selection was done on the basis of interview. Due to the political and some other environmental factors, the program was cancelled. Actually I am also Mr. College Chitwan and Mr. popular title holder. The Man Hunt organizer had seen me during the program so I was invited to Kathmandu for the selection. There were other participants as well and the selection was done by a panel of judges based on the personal interview, walk, etiquette, physic etc.

6. What were the selection criteria for the national competition?

The selection was based on the height, must have participated in some events, body physic, intellect or we can say overall individual personality.

7. Where did the International Manhunt take place and how many countries participate in it?

The event took place in the Kang Won Resort, Seoul, South Korea from February 5- 12 and altogether 50 countries participated in it.

8. It is prestigious to be a part of such an event. So, what do you think you have gained so far from the competition?

I can say that I was able to represent my country and that's a great achievement for me. Besides, I was able to share my culture and language with the 50 participants from different countries and also maintain a good relationship with them. The most important thing that I gained was that I got to know the whole international modeling scenario.

9. Did you have any fun besides the competition? What was the most difficult part of the whole thing?

Yes, I did life's 1st ice skiing. It was really a great fun playing with snow. I traveled to many places, sight seeing, got to see snow mountains…. It was fun and yes, the most difficult part was that I am a pure vegetarian and it was really difficult for me to manage. I saw only sea foods, crab, octopus and mainly beef. So, it was really difficult to manage with the food. I had however taken some biscuits and some food. I just lived there consuming bread. I was the only vegetarian among all the participants.

10. That sounds great! Now, let us know about your hobbies.

Hmmm… traveling, reading business magazines, hang out with friends. That's all.

11. Is there any inspiration behind what you are?

Definitely, it's my brother Kanchan Agrawal who was awarded Mr. Talent in the Manhunt Nepal, 2003.

12. Tell us about your future plans. Have you thought of taking modeling professionally?

My aim is to become a corporate entrepreneur. If I get chance to work in media, I am interested in that as well. And yes of course, I would surely give some time to modeling or take it professionally.

13. At present what are you involved with?

I am a BBA 5th year semester student at the Presidency College of Management Science, Chitwan. I am also involved in a social club, Rotaract Club of Chitwan. It an international social club and I work as a volunteer for "Haamro Ghar" a project that takes care of orphan children.

14. Tell us what you do to keep yourself fit?

I take proper diet. I take fewer calories, high nutritious food. Obviously go to health club and gym. I am more like involved to spiritual activities. I worship god daily to remain mentally healthy and sometimes go to Bramha Kumari.

15. At last do you want to tell anything?

I want to thank organizers for giving me the opportunity. I want to thank my parents, friends and all the well wishers. At last, Nepalese modeling should be given priority because many youth can develop their career in this field and can get the opportunity to represent themselves in international field. And people should change their negative view in this sector because the modeling scenario is at an improving phase.





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