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Name Pukar Malla
Birthdate May 23
Birthplace Lalitpur
Education BSc, MSc, PhD
Height 5' 8"
Weight 61 kgs
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The Best Student Gold Medal at St. Xavier’s School (95); Recognition by HRH Late King Birendra BB Shah Dev for excelling as the School Captain at Budhanilkantha School (97); Full scholarship for Bachelors Degree at Swarthmore College, USA (98-02); Romeo in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in college (98); International Club President, Dean’s Award, and Engineering Award in college (01-02); Microprocessor Designer at Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (USA, 02-04); And currently, full fellowship forPhD in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University, USA; Pukar Malla is undeniably an engineer by trade and an artist at heart.
The formidable situation in the once peaceful Nepal grieves him.

While he steals your show with his relentless looks, arresting built and stellar personality, he holds a vision to take Nepal to more desirable heights.He encourages all citizens and especially the youth to question, answer and improve the different facets of existing social, cultural and economic issues. As artists, he believes, models have a promising role to play in bringing about such changes.



Photos: Dipankar Kasaju, Aashik Ranpal

Digital Enhancement: Sarobar Kasaju

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